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January 25, 2009


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These are so cute! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you, those are adorable!

So cute! We always call my son Zavi the Zebra since his name starts with a "Z." These will be perfect!

Thank you so much for offering these! You are very talented and I so appreciate that you shared that with us. We went searching the web and my daughter (7) absolutely LOVES these. We just printed them out for her Valentines party today! I had some heavy stock paper and they look so super professional and way better than anything store bought. :)

These are so adorable!! And i love that they are different

I'm sure I'm probably WAY too late for the free customizable valentine's, but these are CUTE!!! My daughters LOVE zebras, as I'm sure most girls do, and these would be fantastic!!


My daughter, Corrine, LOVES zebras - these would be amazing for her to give to her class! Much love!!

So cute! Such talent!!

These are so cute! I saw your other print as well:) This will be the very first year EVER, that I will be able to give my girls the chance to pick what style/choice with her Valentine cards. Thanks for sharing!

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