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February 01, 2009


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I just found your site through kiddo. Love the cards!

Btw, I saw your space birthday post as well and wanted to know how you made the tags. I see you used the avery labels but how do you make the design actually. I've always wanted to know how but can't figure out how to even look up a tutorial if I don't know the name of things. Thanks, Melissa

These are better than Napster!

Okay these are the most awesome downloads since Napster!!!!


Thank you so much for sharing them. I really think they are so cool.

I made these today for my little girl to take for Valentine's Day. They turned out so cute! Love your site!

Those are so cute!! I love them!!

So cute! I found you through One Pretty Thing and I put a link on my blog too.


These are great!!!! Thank you sooooo much!

Hey! I know that edge cutter! :)

Those valentines are too cute!

Wow, I started looking at your blog when fiddling around looking for Vday ideas - these cards definitely take the cake!
They're gorgeous and I love DIY/home-made ideas especially when it comes to one of our most commercialized holidays.

I don't know if you've already filled the 3 personalized requests but if not, could I get one done with the name Jolanda?


Thanks for sharing your work & I hope you have a great Valentine's season!

You come up with most FABULOUS designs! Thanks so much for sharing these, I'll be linking.

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