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February 12, 2009


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I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your Valentines Day Cards...My daughter who will be 6 on the 16 fell in love with the Zebra cards. She loves horses and would not settle for anything other than the Zebra Cards. I am beginning my creative journey.....I stayed up until 3:30 making my son and daughters Teachers V-Day cards extra special. You are definately an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your excellent ideas and all your hard work.

You rock! Wow, love the treat bags! Did you use a regular scrapbooking stamp pad or one that is specially for fabric? I sent my son to school today with your zebra VD cards; come see pix on my blog.

I just found your blog today ... and I am IN LOVE with it!!! THANK YOU for existing!!! Perfect blend of Martha and Modern. Keep it up :)

Thank you for all the great cards, we printed several of them for gifts and to put on class snack bags. I am a whiz in the kitchen but a mess with crafts, so THANK YOU!:)

I hate to say it, but I thought you were going to say your boys put rocks in the bags give away! :) What would be cute is if you could find those Pop Rocks that pop in your mouth. I've seen them at different places. Another thing I saw but probably isn't as ideal, is chocolate shaped like rocks. I see those a lot here in Colorado but they're a little spendy just for Valentine candy.

Cute bags though! I'm sure all the kids will love them!

I love this idea. I want that stamp so badly! Thanks for all the ideas.

Your bags rock! Very, very cute.

These bags are perfection! Love them!

What an adorable idea!!! I love it. You are SO creative!!! I can imagine how proud the boys will be to take their treat bags to school.

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