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February 08, 2009


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I love the envelopes, so very cute!

K - I have been ADMIRING your Valentine card creations and wanted to enlist your advice/participation in a project. Since I don't see your email address anywhere on the site, I hope you read the comments!

As background, this year, my friends and I will be participating in the Breast Cancer 3-Day. From October 30 - November 1st, we'll walk 60 miles with thousands of other women and men. The net proceeds will support breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment through Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund.

Each member of our team has agreed to raise at least $2,300 in donations. We're attempting to raise some of the funds through online raffles and sales of items - I would LOVE to see if you could design us a "downloadable" card - our intent is solicit $5 donations for each download. Of course we would credit you for the design and providing a link to your site.

Again, for your background, our infant blog is located at

Please drop me an email at connectthedots(at)tampabay(dot)rr(dot)com if you'd be interested in assisting us.


~ t

very cute...I love the personalized envelope

This is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen! Seriously, so sweet it made my eyes water. I had to call my husband in to show him as well.

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