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March 16, 2009


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don't feel bad, I had my nephews baby blocks sitting on my desk ready for the final coat of glaze since October and he just got them last week - ooops..the pj's are awesome and such a wonderful idea!!

Those are the cutest PJ's ever. love the choice of Fabrics, Oh and just in case you feel alone, I believe sometimes (only sometimes and for very limited durations) laziness is its own defense.

I love them!! I am the Queen of Procrastination.

I promise.

I have a logo that I need to get done by Wednesday. Do you think I've started it? In my own defense, I can't get my Wacom Tablet to work. BAH.

i wish i was your friend so i could receive that lovely pj on top! so lucky are those girls!

I don't mind getting late gifts because after all the Christmas gift giving is over, it would be nice to have a little surprise. Procrastination is so easy to embrace sometimes!!

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