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April 10, 2009


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I've looked all over the web for those adorable treat boxes but they no longer seem accessible. Do you happen to still have the file that you would be willing to share?

Can you please send me the template of the two adorable boxes? I can't find on the katie's site. Thank you, grazie :-)

I love the black bottle idea. Where did you get them? I've looked and can't find them in black.

I think they can handle it. I would have loved a basket like this when I was a kid--even if I had to share it.http://www.gamegoldfast.com/swtor/buy-swtor-credits.php

Love this! We just featured it in our Easy Easter Crafts article.

So cute! Love the single basket idea...genius. Also, interested in the info on where to find the treat baskets on Katie's amazing site. Thanks! A tutorial would be great.

This is great, almost brilliant. Cheers. Master Jedi-Robe. http://www.jedi-robe.com

Can you tell me how to get the treat boxes on Katie's site?

I can't find the treat boxes on Katie's amazing website.

SO cute! Love these ideas. I don't have boys, but they look so fun anyway!

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