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May 07, 2009


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We've all been there...maybe not with a quilt...but there's always one "horrid" relationship with a project!

Thanks for reminding me why I don't quilt(yet). There's nothing like a good "failure" story for a hearty laugh. =) My family never lets me forget about the "watermelon dress" - a voluminous pink seersucker jumper that could fit a whale. Seriously. (If you love other's mishaps, check out craftfail.com) Glad she liked the quilt!

A, I love this post too! It gets better every time I read it!

My miseries with crafts are minor only because I haven't attempted the major sewing and cutting skills that a quilt would requie. So, the fact that you are attempting something big means that you will have grand results (with perhaps some grand mishaps along the way). I am so glad she liked it. And, thank you for making me laugh out loud.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entry. Mostly because I have many times been trapped in a creative nightmare. Sometimes I can find the humor instantly, other times it takes a while. I once crocheted a sweater coat, that was made in pieces, which I worked on over a long period of time. When it came time to put it together, one sleeve was significantly longer & wider than the other and in the middle of the body of the coat, I'd switched to a differnt stitch, then back again. Which, might have been considered design choice, except it looked bad! This was a particularly black day, and it was many months before I could face it. Now, it's a mostly funny story.

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