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July 19, 2009


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Hi Marcy,
I got the images mostly from David Horvath's old blog site (he recently started a new one and all his old posts are gone). David is the the Uglydoll co-creator. I also got some from the uglydoll website:

Can you tell me were you got the Ugly Doll images?

Hi Nancy,
To make the Uglydoll cookies I used an upside down teddy bear (from a Christmas collection), a bunny & a bat. Since the Uglydolls are such unusual shapes you can get away with almost using any cookie cutter as long as you put two eyes on it! Good luck with your sons party!

My son (soon to be 7) is determined to have an Ugly Doll party. I have searched far and wide and was so happy to find your site. Thank you for the ideas!! Question - how did you make the ugly doll cookies? I can see one is a bat cookie cutter, but what did you use for the other Ugly Doll? Thank you! Thank you!

Hi Melissa, I used Microsoft Power Point to do the labels, but you could easily use Word as well. To start measure the height & circumference of your M&M tube. Then using the rectangle autoshape draw one. If you right click on the rectangle you should be able to specify the size (at least in MS 2007 you can, if you can use the rulers to help you ou). Once you have adjusted the size then you add your images and text. To make the stripes I just added in long green rectangles (once you create one, then you can copy and paste it, then space them out). Good Luck!

Super cute party! I'm doing a superhero birthday party for my son this winter and gathering lots of ideas. I'd love to make the M&M tubes as "Superhero Vitamins" or something like that but I have no experience with how to make the covers. Did you use a program? Is there a tutorial out there to help me for the first time? thanks, Melissa

These are just adorable! Great job!! :)

that was the Best birthday party ever!

That is so cute, what a fun idea! I'll be linking to this in my next Favor Roundup.

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