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July 18, 2009


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The cake stand is from Anthropologie.

I love this ideal I was thinking about doing something similair for my duaghters birthday. WHere di you get the cupcake stand?

Where did you get the cookie cutters?

Oh Wow! I am very amazed by your creativity, I think they looked awesome!

Hi, thanks for all the nice comments. As far as cookie cutters go, since there are no Uglydoll cookie cutters just look for shapes that you can transform into an Ugly. I used an odd looking bunny, an upside down teddy bear, a bat and a cat face to make the Uglydoll cookies.

I was wondering where you purchased the Ugly Doll cookie cutters from? Very cute!

haha,.yeah,they are pretty cute and ugly..but I think kids will love it..I like your creativity..


I wish you were my mother!

I have really enjoyed seeing these Ugly Doll posts! So cool and inspirational.

I will be nudging my boys towards the theme!

i love all the details. amazing execution!!

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