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September 07, 2009


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Welcome to the dark side. I was also late to the trend but quickly understood the obsession. My husband was not pleased, however, when our two year old asked, "Dad, are you a van-piper?"

Edward is sooooooooooo dreamy. I can't wait for New Moon to come out. Vampires will definitely be in again this Halloween. Good luck with convincing the twins. I am looking forward to see how the costumes turn out.

I have only read the first two books, so I am not a Twilight expert, but I think you could also be a Vampire (like Alice, Esme or even Victoria). For a New Moon party you may also consider being a She-Wolf! Of course if you looked like Bella you could always be her. Have fun with your party!

Thanks for sharing this. I too, am a late Twilight bloomer but now I am already planning my Twilight party before new moon comes out. I was curious...if i make my husband this vampire costume what would I be? Any ideas?

The boys will make awesome vampires! I loved the series too.

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